Customizing Kubeflow on AWS

Tailoring a AWS deployment of Kubeflow

This guide describes how to customize your deployment of Kubeflow on Amazon EKS. These steps can be done before you run apply -V -f ${CONFIG_FILE} command. Please see the following sections for details. If you don’t understand the deployment process, please see deploy for details.

Customize your Amazon EKS cluster

Note: This is only working for user who like kfctl to create a new EKS cluster. If you already have the cluster, you can skip this section.

Before you run kfctl apply -V -f ${CONFIG_FILE}, you can edit the cluster configuration file to change cluster specification before you create the cluster.

For example, the following is a cluster manifest with one node group which has 2 p2.xlarge instances. You can easily enable SSH and configure a public key. All worker nodes will be in single Availability Zone.

kind: ClusterConfig
  # AWS_CLUSTER_NAME and AWS_REGION will override `name` and `region` here.
  name: kubeflow-example
  region: us-west-2
  version: '1.14'
# If your region has multiple availability zones, you can specify 3 of them.
#availabilityZones: ["us-west-2b", "us-west-2c", "us-west-2d"]

# NodeGroup holds all configuration attributes that are specific to a nodegroup
# You can have several node groups in your cluster.
  - name: eks-gpu
    instanceType: p2.xlarge
    availabilityZones: ["us-west-2b"]
    desiredCapacity: 2
    minSize: 0
    maxSize: 2
    volumeSize: 30
      allow: true
      publicKeyPath: '~/.ssh/'

  # Example of GPU node group
  # - name: Tesla-V100
  # Choose your Instance type for the node group.
  #   instanceType: p3.2xlarge
  # GPU cluster can use single availability zone to improve network performance
  #   availabilityZones: ["us-west-2b"]
  # Autoscaling Groups settings
  #   desiredCapacity: 0
  #   minSize: 0
  #   maxSize: 4
  # Node Root Disk
  #   volumeSize: 50
  # Enable SSH out side your VPC.
  #   allowSSH: true
  #   publicKeyPath: '~/.ssh/'
  # Customize Labels
  #   labels:
  #     '': 'nvidia-tesla-k80'
  # Setup pre-defined iam roles to node group.
  #   iam:
  #     withAddonPolicies:
  #       autoScaler: true

Customize Authentication

Please see this section

Customize IAM Role for Pods

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Customize Private Access

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Customize Logging

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