Kubeflow on macOS

Install Kubeflow on macOS

For macOS systems you have multiple options for getting started. The options range from fully-assembled Kubeflow stacks, to stacks that require some assembly.

Kubeflow appliance

A Kubeflow appliance is a virtual machine that has Kubeflow already installed. Once the necessary supporting software is installed no further installation steps are required.


MiniKF is a predefined virtual machine that installs onto VirtualBox through Vagrant. The only following applications are required to use MiniKF:

The full set of instructions are available on the MiniKF getting started page.

Linux appliance

A Linux appliance is a virtual machine that holds the linux operating system. From there you have complete choice over Kubernetes and Kubeflow, which offers the greatest degree of flexibility. You only need to install a single application to follow this path:

The instructions on Multipass and MicroK8s getting started page will complete this path.

Kubernetes appliance

Similar to the Kubeflow appliance, the Kubernetes appliance is a virtual machine that has a Kubernetes cluster already installed. After starting the virtual machine you will need to install Kubeflow. This option gives you full control over your Kubeflow setup.