Kubeflow on Windows

Install Kubeflow on Windows

For Windows systems you have multiple options for getting started. The options range from fully-assembled Kubeflow stacks, to stacks that require some assembly. In addition, with the recent announcement of Windows WSL 2, some of the linux installation options for Kubeflow will be available on Windows, once WSL2 is formally released.

Kubeflow appliance

A Kubeflow appliance is a virtual machine that has Kubeflow already installed. Once the necessary supporting software is installed no further installation steps are required.


MiniKF is a predefined virtual machine that installs onto VirtualBox through Vagrant. The following applications are required to use MiniKF:

The full set of instructions are available on the MiniKF getting started page.

Multipass Ubuntu

Windows users can get Kubeflow with Multipass by following the instructions on the Multipass and MicroK8s getting started page.

Kubernetes appliance

Similar to the Kubeflow appliance, the Kubernetes appliance is a virtual machine has a Kubernetes cluster already installed. After starting the virtual machine you will need to install Kubeflow. This option gives you full control over your Kubeflow setup.